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Handysize, Handymax, Panamax, and Capesize,
any dry bulk ship DWT, and type, StockCargo can supply you, fast and in cost effective manner, for your dry bulk shipping.


Dry Bulk Carriers

Bulk commodity mainly shipped in large quantities without any packaging. You can identify two main types of ships;
1. Dry bulk ships, for the transport of dry bulk cargo like coal, iron ore, grain and bulk biomass, like oil seeds, wood chips and pellets.
2. Tanker vessels, for the transport of liquid bulk cargoes, like crude oil, gasoline, fuel diesel, chemicals and other liquids like vegetable oils, biodiesel and ethanol.
We can supply both types, while this page will focus on the dry bulk carriers.

Handysize to Capesize, which suit your cargo type & scope

Bulk ship usually has several holds that are covered by hatches and equipment for loading and unloading of the cargo. The size of bulker ship, can be divided into four main types;
Handysize, have a capacity ranged from 20,000 DWT to 35,000 DWT,
Handymax, with capacity of 35,000 DWT to 50,000 DWT.
This two types, above, are ideal for small harbors, and usually have their own loading and discharging equipment, hence they are in-depended of shore based equipment. Nevertheless, our skilled staff can support you with port handling services, and materials handling for your bulk cargo.
Panamax vessel type, has capacity of 50,000 DWT to 80,000 DWT, and used usually for big volume bulk cargoes.
Capesize, has capacity of 100,000 DWT-300,000 DWT, and used usually as coal carrier, or iron ore.

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Important for you to know; The densities of common commodity cargoes vary from 0.6 tons per cubic meter for light grains to 3 tons per cubic meter for iron ore. For high density cargo the limiting determined factor for the ship occupancy by the shipowner is the overall weight of the cargo, while for light cargo it is volume.
If this is your first time for dry bulk shipping, or you need professional support, contact our shipbrokers department, they will be glad to assist you, find the link on the right sidebar.
Together with our partners, we are currently operating 11 modern dry bulk cargo vessels, ranging from 3,000 DWT up-to 35,000 DWT, our personnel has ranged set of skills and resources to meet clients’ needs for a variety of dry cargo types and scope. Superior commodity logistics knowledge, together with our global network, grant the power to respond to the market’s changing needs and the ability to provide you a range of supporting services.

We ship bulk commodities in Cargo Sacs, Big bags, Boxes…

Shipping bulk commodities products and items packed in cargo boxes, bundles, big bags or cargo sacs.
Some bulk commodity types are often shipped in flexible intermediate logistics packages such, cargo boxes, big bags, cargo sac, bundles etc. Our services also include the pressing and packing of agriculture, paper, construction, wood products, in bulk-loose form into such packages insuring minimized shipping costs. This service also applies to liquid and IMO-hazardous, dangerous products, according with the international maritime (IMDG) and road (ADR) codes and certifications.

Bulk cargo by river Barge, or Intermodal Transport


Barge-bulk-cargo-rhine Barge-transport-bulk


In commodity logistics practice, bulk cargo, often needs to travel over a considerable distance. In many cases, national borders and different continents have to be crossed. Various logistic modes of transportation are used to carry bulk cargo, including inland waterways, roads & maritime transport. Our barge fleet, and trucks, enable us to give you, complete shipping process from loading point to your end destination warehouse, timely and advantageous.